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Escape: Sierra Leone Portable

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Escape: Sierra Leone Portable

Focused around complete freedom and interacting with a vibrant world, it takes place on an island chain based loosely off of the real life Banana Islands, along the coast of Sierra Leone.. The RUF have occupied the Banana Islands and are on a hunt for diamonds; recruiting who they can and killing, maiming, or enslaving those they can't. HERE

Everything from how to approach your attempted escape, to how you interact with other people can have an affect on how everything plays out in the end.. Combat, while not mandatory in any way, is fairly realistic and very brutal Each bullet hit or wound causes an appropriate animation and sound effect, for both NPCs and the player.. ly/2SOCQO1About This GameThis game is currently a Beta in Early Access and may not contain all of the features listed here yet, or they may be only partially implemented as place-holders. Click

You start with no weapons, no supplies, no idea of where to go getting those is up to you. 3

Escape: Sierra Leone is a single-player exploration-based survival first-person game.. There are approximately 21 square kilometers of terrain to explore, fight, survive and escape from. 0041d406d9 Click

Around 21 square kilometers of hand-painted landscape and vegetation gives you a ton of area to explore.. Key Features:Seamlessly scavenge the entire island for supplies you need to survive, from a banana to an AK-47.. No invisible walls or loading screens Engage in immersive and realistic combat or don't, if you're the sneaky type.. You play as a civilian trying to escape the island Throughout the game, you are forced to make a series of choices that will eventually lead to you making your escape. HERE